Kion Essential Amino Acids Powder - Amino Acids Supplement for Muscle Recovery, Essential Amino Energy Without Caffeine, EAAs Amino Acids Powder, BCAAs Amino Acids - 30 Servings, Watermelon

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  • ENERGY MUSCLE RECOVERY SUPPLEMENTS: Naturally boost energy, build lean muscle, and enhance athletic recovery.
  • ALL 9 EAAs PLUS BCAAs AMINO ACIDS POWDER: Contains all 3 BCAAs in the research-proven 4:1:1 ratio, plus all EAAs for maximum muscle protein synthesis.
  • AMINO ACIDS SUPPLEMENT FOR WOMEN AND MEN: Great for vegan/vegetarian diets, daily wellness, endurance athletes, strength training, fasting, recovery.
  • DELICIOUS NATURAL FLAVORS: Cool Lime EAA Powder with natural flavors and no sugar. Also available in Mixed Berry, Watermelon, Mango, and Capsules.
  • RESEARCH AND QUALITY THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE: Research-first formulations, premium ingredient sourcing, cGMP, NSF-certified facilities, third-party tested.

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