Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Face - Forte Triple Moisturizing Formula with Vitamin C by 180 Cosmetics Beauty is Timeless - Smooth & Rejuvenate Pure Anti Aging Facial Moisturizer - 1oz - 2 Units oz

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  • Women Over 40’s Skin Care Secret! - One month is all it takes to see a difference - smooth mature skin with 180 peptide serum vitamin c and hyaluronic acid. Trust the science to work its magic on your skin, and smile at the youthful you in the mirror!
  • FORTE Replenishing Formula - 180 Cosmetics Anti Aging face serum for women has THREE different hyaluronic molecules that deeply infuse your skin cells with moisture. Hydrate. Smooth. Fortify! Give your skin a youthful radiant glow!
  • But Wait There’s More! - Your new anti wrinkle serum also contains a unique blend of vitamins and minerals to nourish your skin from within, and essentially giving it a protective shield! Use the gifts of nature to retain your youthful essence
  • Step Back Into a Younger You - Have more fun and FREE yourself from wrinkle worries, frown lines, and sagging skin - step back into the younger version of yourself. The hydrating hyaluronic acid moisturizer helps keep your skin looking fresh, full, and radiant
  • It’s Easy with the Right Products - Stop testing all sorts of products on your skin. Stick to this one potent vitamin c hyaluronic acid serum by 180 cosmetics that will shock you with its efficacy! Discover the fountain of youth - just by using one drop every day.

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