Human Tonik Supergreen Superfood Powder |Daily Supplement with 38 Superfoods, Vitamins and Minerals |Supports Energy, Stress, Sleep and Immunity |30 Day Supply|360g - Mint Flavor (1 Tub)

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  • HEALTH + TASTE + EASE = A 'SUPER YOU' - Sick of feeling tired and sluggish? Let's face it, superfood drinks rarely taste good, but not anymore. After two years of research, we've developed a tasty, convenient drink that supercharges your health without the empty calories. It's the perfect answer for total body support in just one scoop a day.
  • INCREASED FOCUS, CONCENTRATION, AND MEMORY - Whether you're a tired parent, a busy professional, or a struggling senior, focusing on small tasks can be sometimes be challenging. Our carefully chosen ingredients boost your brain function, increasing your productivity and quality of life. Flick the switch and supercharge your mind.
  • SUPPORTS YOU DURING STRESSFUL TIMES AND ALLOWS FOR RESTFUL NIGHT - Millions worldwide struggle to get a good night's rest, and the health effects are staggering. Our FULLY TRANSPARENT formula includes kale, ashwagandha root extract, and ginkgo biloba, all known to support a restful night and relieve stress. Imagine waking up fresh with the energy to power through the day.
  • SUPPORTS AND QUICKENS RECOVERY FROM EXERCISE - The effects of poor recovery are real. Our green superfood drink includes ingredients that speed up recovery from those challenging workouts and help combat that nasty common cold. Remember, the faster you can recover, the better you can perform.
  • ULTIMATE TRANSPARENCY, HIGH POTENCY, AND A 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We firmly believe ou deserve to know exactly what's in your greens drink. We NEVER use proprietary blends that hide dosages. If, after trying our greens drink, you don't love it just reach out to us and we will make things right for you. Would you take a superfood drink that hides its formula? Neither would we.

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